Beautiful Beaches

In the blistering cold we set off on our latest adventure to film beautiful beaches, armed with stacks of kit and bags full of thermals. As usual with no car we had a long trek on trains and buses and ended up in the beautiful town of Wells-next-the-Sea.

We arrived in the afternoon and the light was fading fast, but we got to recce a small part of the huge beach¬†and briefly explored the amazing forest on the edge of the beach. We fell in love with the place instantly and couldn’t wait to come back the next morning to get started.

Weather Patterns


The weather was absolutely perfect, the sky was blue emitting a beautiful iridescent light on the surface of the water. We spent hours capturing different angles and just basking in the overwhelming feeling given watching the calm blue sea. Something neither of us had experienced before in England.  This beach is a hidden gem with its large expanse of beautiful golden sand and bright blue water. We were amazed at how clean and well kept it was.


The route we walked took us along the coast to Holkham and back around to Wells. It was a lengthy stretch and we have a habit of stopping far too often to capture the beautiful light, or the detail of a moment that moved us. Edging the whole coastline is an amazing forest with the tallest trees, again something we were surprised to find in England. We walked along snaking into the forest and back out onto the beach.

Its fair to say we finished the day absolutely exhausted but cleansed and with a feeling of accomplishment. We both agreed how blessed we were to have to opportunity to spend time in these amazing soothing spaces and to capture them to hopefully give you a taste of the places we have explored.

dsc08765Amongst the trees dsc08838