The exhibition!

We had a few frantic weeks in the lead up to the show, getting all the files ready for the videos/projections and also still planning out the space. The tech team from QUAD did such a great job. I wasn’t able to get to the space before it opened but Antonia was able to go up and visit and sent back some updates. I was so happy with how it all turned out, it felt exactly as we had planned.

I’ve exhibited work in both white walled galleries and alternative spaces. I really liked that we had been allocated quite an unusual space that was large enough to accommodate the construction of the 3 rooms, a relaxation space and a VR point. Seeing the work within the rooms was really breathtaking and quite emotional. This project has been quite a turning point for me and made me value the act of walking and being present within my practice.

My favourite was the waterfall room with our dual projections, both 3 metres wide.

Thanks so much to everyone that helped make this happen. Here are some shots from the installation.

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